Our registration process is quick and simple. Just click here and fill out the form. Choose the type of registration that you prefer, trial registration or annual registration. Pay the registration fee of $150 (only if applicable), make an initial security deposit of $400. Immediately, you will receive via e-mail your user name and password which enables you to start searching for the vehicle(s) you are interested in. After your on-line registration is completed, e-mail a copy of your ID to info@easyauctionaccess.com and once your information is verified and processed, you will be able to start browsing and biding at Copart Auto Auctions for vehicle(s) you want.
Your user name is your auto auctions buyer number.
The Trial registration does not require the registration fee of 200$. It is good only for 1 purchase and valid during 30 days. If no purchase is made within 30 days, the account will be closed and deposit refunded. If if you are intrested in upgrading the registration after the 30 days period, you can pay the registration fee 200$. The Annual registration is a 1 year registration and is valid only if the deposit is on your account. If deposit is refunded, the registration is not valid any more.
    • You must be using a browser that supports secure connections (SSL) and JavaScript. Netscape 3.0 and above or Internet Explorer 4.0 or above work correctly with Copart Online Bidding.
    • AOL’s browser does not work with our on-line bidding system but AOL users can still use the Copart Online Bidding system by running Netscape or Internet Explorer with AOL. (Tip: in AOL, search by the keywords “Netscape” or “Winsock” to find help on how to set up these programs.)
    • Configure for automatic refresh:
      To configure a PC to automatically refresh photos and data when returning to a web page previously visited, follow these steps:
    • From any web page, select “Tools”, then “Internet Options”
    • In the “Temporary Internet Files” section, click “Settings”
    • Set “Check for newer versions of stored pages” to “Automatically”
    • Set “Amount of disk space to use” to “10 MB”.
      This will ensure that you have access to the most current information available.
Make sure that Enable JavaScript is checked in the settings of your browser.

Cookies can not be disabled.

Make sure that the option to disable cookies is not enabled in your browser settings. Cookies “remember” information about you so that you do not need the information of renewal. All cookies set by our online auction system are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Our Online Bidding system uses the latest Internet technology for secure communications between your PC and our computer system. We have installed a digital certificate on our computer that uses a special means of communicating with your browser called Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL). This establishes a “handshake” with your computer that verifies that when you connect to our Web site, you have truly contacted Copart. In fact, upon entering the Online Bidding area, you will note that the security icon, typically a key or a lock, in the bottom left-hand portion of your screen will be closed or connected, signifying that you are in a secure session with Copart.
Preliminary bids are accepted 24 hours a day and until 1 hour before the virtual auction begins. Virtual bids occur in real time during the virtual auction on sale day. Once a bid is entered, it cannot be lowered or deleted. You may increase your bid at anytime.
For Preliminary Bidding, there are links to the lot detail display from each Sale List and every result of a SEARCH-CARFINDER search. To place bids during a virtual auction, select “Virtual Sales” from the menu Virtual Sales.
No. You may submit as many bids as you wish for each vehicle.
It depends to amount of deposit you paid. For example if you paid minimum of 400$ you will be aloud to bid for maximum of 4000$. If you wish to bid higher amount on your selected vehicle you must lift your limits, simply pay additional deposit. Each 100$ paid in addition to 400$ will lift you limits for additional 1000$.

Security deposit scale:

Deposit 400$ — 4000$
Deposit 500$ — 5000$
Deposit 1000$ — 10000$
Deposit 2000$ — 20000$

Please contact Autobess (Easyauctionaccess.com) not a Copart auto auctions to check your buyer status.
Check the sale date of the lot you placed a bid on. If there is no sale date, then the lot was pulled from that sale.
Autobess (Easyauctionaccess.com) or Copart auto auctions employees cannot make or change any bids on a buyer’s behalf.
If your preliminary bid ties with a virtual bidder for a particular vehicle, then the award goes to the virtual bidder. To prevent a tie, the preliminary bidder should answer “Yes” to the Bid Increment question. When the Bid Increment option is used, BID4U will increase the preliminary bid by one and only one increment, therefore breaking the tie.
When the Bid Increment option is used, BID4U will increase the preliminary maximum bid by one and only one additional increment if the maximum bid is tied, therefore breaking the tie. When the Bid Increment option is not used, if the preliminary maximum bid is tied with a virtual bid, the virtual bidder will be awarded the vehicle.
Copart uses BID4U to make the bidding process easier and more efficient. BID4U represents the highest preliminary bidder during the virtual auction. Simply enter the maximum price you are willing to pay for the lot during preliminary bidding and BID4U will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid during the virtual auction. BID4U will only bid one increment over the current bid to maintain your position as the highest bidder. This allows you to purchase a vehicle below your maximum bid if bidding doesn’t meet or exceed your maximum bid. If the Bid Increment option is selected, BID4U will only bid one additional increment over your maximum bid to break a tie. If a bidder with a higher maximum out-bids you, you will be notified via email. As a security precaution no one including Copart associates can see your maximum bid. It is 100% confidential!
No. You cannot lower or delete a bid once it has been entered. You may submit a higher bid.
Once a bid is entered, it is treated like a current bid and cannot be deleted.
There is an option entitled “Bids Status”. Selecting “Current Bids” from the Bids Status menu, will display your top bid on each lot.
Bids will appear under Current Bids until the vehicle is sold. Once the vehicle is sold the bid will show up in Final Bids as sold and will show whether the vehicle was awarded to you or not.
You can check the auction results for each of your bids using the option entitled “Lots Won” or “Lots Not Won” in the menu Bids Status. Your bid results are available for one week after the sale date.
You must press the “Reload” or “Refresh” button to see the most recent bids or you must change your Internet Explorer setting for Temporary Internet files. In Internet Explorer 3.0 select View -> Options and click on the “Advanced” tab. In Internet Explorer 4.0 select View -> Internet Options and click on the “General” tab. Click on the Settings button for Temporary Internet Files and select “Every visit to the page” under “Check for newer versions of stored pages:”
We do our best not to allow ties to happen. However, when they do, it is Copart’s policy to award the vehicle to the virtual bidder, not the preliminary bidder. Utilize the Bid Increment option to prevent a tie.
Please, check the entered amount. The system does not accept any punctuation signs. For example: if you want to bid $1000.00 (one thousand), you should enter 1000.
Yes, there are additional fees, please use our fee simulator.
For preliminary bidders, the maximum bid amount may not be what you pay. If you are the highest bidder during the virtual auction and the virtual bids do not meet or exceed your amount, you are awarded the vehicle for the highest bid amount. For example: if your maximum bid is $2000 and the Virtual Auctions stops at $1400 with you as the highest bidder, you get the vehicle for $1400.
The payment should be received within 2 business days after winning the lot. In case payment is done later you will be charged one time late payment fee of 50$
Internet bidders get 6 days of free storage. In other words, if the sale is on Friday, you have until the next Thursday to pick up your vehicle. Storage will start accruing one week from the sale date.
The security deposit is refundable. It will be refunded upon your request back to the same account it was made from. Please let us know if you would like to get the refund another way. ATTENTION: The deposit refund is accompanied by the account and registration cancellation. The registration fee is nonrefundable. Also note that the security deposit can not be included into the cost of the vehicle!
All the bank information will be indicated in the invoice for the awarded vehicle. The invoice will be sent to your registered email address. Please, note that the security deposit can not be included into the cost of the vehicle!
We transport boats of any state to any state in the United States to any port in the world. However, to calculate the rate you must provide the dimensions of the boat: height, weight, length and width.
Shipping with Easyauctionaccess.com means numerous benefits for our customers. Fast and Reliable Shipping, Experienced and Professional Customer Service and Insured Transportation — here are just some of them. You can find the whole list of advantages here: http://autobees.net/shippingmap
Yes, we offer Roll-On-Roll-Off shipping. The rate for the ocean transportation is calculated individually for each specific order. The customer should provide the Year, Make and Model of a vehicle. In addition it should run and drive.
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Sale lists can be sorted by Item # or Make. Click on “Item #” or “Make” to sort the list.
You can select the first sale or lane you are interested in, by clicking on “Mini screen” or “Full Screen” next to the sale or lane from the Virtual Sales option. A new window will open on your computer with that sale or lane’s items. To select another sale or lane, go back to the sale list and click on “Mini screen” or “Full Screen” next to the sale or lane you want to join. Another new window will open with the second sale or lane’s items. Repeat these steps as needed to join each sale or lane you wish. You can move the windows around to be able to view the “Current Item #” being bid at each sale or lane. To move a window, click on the top of the title bar and hold it while dragging the mouse to the position you like.
The History of Sales service is not available at the present time.